Goals & Purpose

Academics are one component of our Bible College; the spiritual, social, and financial are others. The academic program is intended to expose the student to the rigors of grammar and composition skill, test preparation, Bible exposition, ministry methods, Christian philosophy, speaking presentations, etc. It enhances the student’s ability to achieve goals in his or her future. The pressure to achieve tasks in a timely and efficient manner forces a degree of thought, focus, and analysis previously untapped in the life of that student. By stretching the student, it strengthens the student. The Bible College experience is unlike any other educational experience.

Degrees & Emphasis

The educational program of Grace Baptist College is a balance between the academic and the practical, thus producing a great preparation for ministry. We offer a range of degrees that allow any individual to successfully function as a leader in the ministries of the local church – whether the full-time ministry is the student’s vocational calling or not. Regardless, students are equipped both to pursue a fruitful life as a layman and continue their education in some other vocation. The degrees we offer are either an Associates or a Bachelors in Biblical Studies (64, 96, and 128 credits, respectively).

Grace Baptist College include the following:


The Pastoral Major is the backbone of the training of men at GBC. It follows a path of core courses, surveys of books of the Bible, expository analyses of single Books, advanced writing, Biblical interpretation and apologetics, a myriad of practical ministry courses, and an in-depth study of the Bible Itself, along with electives that produce a well-rounded servant leader.

Assistant Pastoral

Students pursuing this major have five concentrations to choose from: youth, education, music, media technical, and general (administrative). While following much of the pastoral track, one then specializes in one of these programs. Teachers in each program are those serving in their area of giftedness and calling as full-time members of pastoral staff.


This subject has a primary Major – Music Education, for those seeking to become church pianists, music teachers, or to otherwise serve in teaching and ministry capacities within the local church. This is a Bachelors degree with three years of theory, practical hymn playing, ear and sight training, leadership in groups, four years of private voice/instrument lessons, and much more, with continuation exams and recitals monitoring the student’s progress. Additionally, music is a concentration for both Secondary Education Majors and Assistant Pastors, who desire to specialize in this field as they endeavor to fulfill their respective calls–whether teaching or leading.

Office Administration

Gone are the days of the quiet, isolated secretary waiting to be told by her boss what to do. The needs of today demand workers to manage and lead a multi-faceted office with a careful relationship both under and with the primary leader. Initiative, savvy, and advanced skills are coupled with being a Christian lady.


Missions majors learn under a curriculum that was produced by veteran missionaries. Every semester the student enjoys missions classes as preparation in theology, Bible training, and ministries, but additionally in history, theory, and practical missionary studies. Mission field experiences are available every year through GBC, but the student can also receive credit for trips made through local church or individual contacts with proper verification, documentation, and permission.


The opportunity to train for both elementary and secondary education is emphasized greatly at GBC. Although sharing some core classes between them, the two part company with increasingly specialized classes. Everything from phonics and reading to advanced methods classes per subject leading to internship rounds out the elementary program, while the secondary education student studies in one of the two declared concentrations (major and minor): math, English, science, history, home economics, music, business.

Home and Family

This three-year major is intended to train the lady housewife in domestic skills that are practical, spiritual, and economical. Skill classes like sewing, cooking, typing, decorating, etc. have progressive levels of expertise, challenging any young lady no matter what her existing skill level may be. Practical budgeting habits are also taught. An array of personal development classes are intended to deepen the student’s walk with God and spiritual maturity, thus enabling her to be a competent wife, mother, and servant of God in and through the local church.

General Studies

Whether an Associates or a Bachelors, General Studies offers the student ample opportunity to explore a diverse program of multiple emphases. The programs follow basic core requirements like other majors, but branch out and become successively more difficult throughout the scope and sequence.

Internship Highlights
Specialized training exists in every major course of study here at Grace. The internship programs of the pastoral majors afford the student an opportunity to work with our pastoral staff on real ministry projects. Likewise, the education majors work under faculty at Grace Baptist Christian School and other area schools. Missions majors have ample opportunity to participate in missions trips. Their internship credits come from two of these trips where the student has prepared a presentation with a journal and pictures of the event.

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Grace Baptist College is a local church ministry (Ecclesiastical Corporation) of Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan, and is not, and has no intention of ever becoming, a liberal arts college. The sole purpose of Grace Baptist College is to train Christians to serve in the ministries of local New Testament churches of like faith and practice. Grace Baptist College is not licensed or approved by the State of Michigan and does not guarantee that any of its degrees or credits will be recognized by any other institution. Grace Baptist College is not accredited by any person, organization, or government agency. While Grace Baptist College is not accredited, the course of instruction and the individual classes are widely accepted by fundamental colleges and mission boards as college-level work.