Scholarship Opportunities

Several scholarship opportunities are available to the students of Grace Baptist College.

Scholarships are awarded at various intervals throughout the academic year. Details and guidelines for each opportunity are listed here. Several scholarship applications are also accessible online. These can be completed and mailed to the Admissions Office.

Any Fall 2019 completed applications received between April 17 and May 17 will be entered into a drawing. One applicant will be awarded one year of free tuition (first and last semesters of a four year degree) approximately $3,600.
New students from Michigan will receive 40% off their registration fees.

Work Scholarship

A limited number of work scholarship positions are available to students. These scholarships are either half tuition or full tuition, and range from basic maintenance to office work.

Work Scholarship Application

Porta Pioneer Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded once a year to a student displaying an exceptional spirit of excellence and zeal for the Lord. This is a $500 scholarship.

Nathan Hack Scholarship

The Nathan Hack Scholarship is awarded once a year to a missions student. It is a $250 scholarship.

Nathan Hack Scholarship Application

P4G Scholarship Information

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Grace Baptist College is a local church ministry (Ecclesiastical Corporation) of Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan, and is not, and has no intention of ever becoming, a liberal arts college. The sole purpose of Grace Baptist College is to train Christians to serve in the ministries of local New Testament churches of like faith and practice. Grace Baptist College is not licensed or approved by the State of Michigan and does not guarantee that any of its degrees or credits will be recognized by any other institution. Grace Baptist College is not accredited by any person, organization, or government agency. While Grace Baptist College is not accredited, the course of instruction and the individual classes are widely accepted by fundamental colleges and mission boards as college-level work.