Spiritual Life


While school is in session, right in the middle of the class schedule, the most exciting part of the day occurs – chapel. Whether by a member of the teaching faculty, staff administration, church pastoral staff, or a guest preacher, the pulpit of college chapel is kept both rich and hot. Dr. Jenkins preaches every week. These messages edify, encourage, challenge, and inspire students to stay in the race and count for God, no matter what vocation with which they are called. An equal amount of fun provides balance as students relax, sing, and genuinely enjoy the experience of chapel.


Bus Ministry

Week after week children, teenagers, and adults are transported to church through the Grace Baptist Church Bus Ministry. For over two decades, this ministry has been one of the most thriving and exciting ministries of the entire church. Hundreds of people take advantage of, and participate in, this important outreach effort. No other ministry is more demanding and yet more rewarding as new visitors are brought to church, saved, and baptized every week. Students take part in every facet of this great ministry.

Teen Ministry

Grace Baptist has always been an aggressive church when it comes to reaching and influencing teenagers for Jesus Christ. The Teen Ministry ministers to youth from Christian school, home school, and public school alike. It provides monthly activities, special events, seasonal and yearly trips, as well as hosting its own national youth conference drawing some 1500 teenagers annually. Twelve individual Sunday school classes provide intensive, personal leadership. In 2003 the Grace Baptist Teen Ministry began a Sunday morning teen church service, primarily focused on public school teens. With its incredible growth, fun spirit, and weekly salvations, this ministry is a most coveted place for students to serve.

Children's Ministry

Each Sunday Grace provides a thriving children’s Sunday school and Children’s church program for age 2 through 6th Grade. These age groups are divided into five different departments. Week after week students have the opportunity to minister to hundreds of boys and girls for the Lord as helpers, leaders, and teachers. They minister through song, preaching, puppets, games, skits, and a host of other activities. A Beginner Bible Hour program each evening service for ages 2 to 4 provides an additional opportunity for ladies to serve with crafts, songs, etc.

Christian School

The Grace Baptist Christian School has provided hands-on training and quality education for grades K-12 since 1992. Students, primarily those majoring in youth ministries, have opportunities to serve in this valuable ministry. For more information, visit www.gbcscrusaders.com.

Reformers Unanimous

On Friday evenings from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m., Grace is host to a weekly Bible-based addictions recovery program. The schedule and curriculum utilizes the nationally acclaimed Reformers Unanimous program authored by Steve Currington and based out of Rockford, IL. This unique ministry provides help to those in bondage to any form of addiction, as well as an opportunity for students to put their Christianity into action by ministering to those in attendance.

Adult & Teen Choirs

The Grace Baptist Church is well known for its spirit-filled and uplifting special music and choirs. Every Sunday morning church members are both blessed and inspired by the powerful Adult Choir. The evening singing features the Teen Choir, which God has often used to spark a spirit of revival! The Teen Choir is also nationally known for producing several music recordings. CDs and sheet music are available at echoespublications.com.

Daily Broadcasts

The highlights of listening to WBLW every day are the original daily radio broadcasts produced by leaders right here at Grace. The “Echoes from Grace” radio broadcast is from the heart and desk of Dr. Jon Jenkins, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church and President of Grace Baptist College. Another broadcast is “Reclaim the Name,” hosted by Derek Hagland, Associate Pastor of Grace Baptist Church. This program inspires and instructs teenagers to live for God in whatever circumstances they find themselves. Listen to these broadcasts and others locally on 88.1 FM or on the internet at www.wblwradio.com.

Family Christian Radio

Since March 8, 2000, Grace Baptist Church has been broadcasting spirit-filled gospel music and old fashioned Bible preaching and teaching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located on the church property, the office headquarters of WBLW 88.1 FM provides daily programming and broadcasts throughout all of Northern Michigan. Students enjoy the benefit of listening to this great station while attending college, in addition to volunteering in the office and providing broadcasting and programming assistance. No matter where you are, you can listen today at www.wblwradio.com.

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Grace Baptist College is a local church ministry (Ecclesiastical Corporation) of Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan, and is not, and has no intention of ever becoming, a liberal arts college. The sole purpose of Grace Baptist College is to train Christians to serve in the ministries of local New Testament churches of like faith and practice. Grace Baptist College is not licensed or approved by the State of Michigan and does not guarantee that any of its degrees or credits will be recognized by any other institution. Grace Baptist College is not accredited by any person, organization, or government agency. While Grace Baptist College is not accredited, the course of instruction and the individual classes are widely accepted by fundamental colleges and mission boards as college-level work.